Q1.  What browser does eTrust support?
A1.  eTrust ONLY supports Internet Explorer (IE) and the version of IE suggested to 8.0 or newer version.
If your browser is Firefox/Safari/Chrome, the web page display might be abnormal. Please use IE to access eTrust.
Q2.  What is the compatible Operating System for eTrust?
         If the computer is Apple Mac, is it compatible to eTrust?
A2.  eTrust is ONLY compatible with Microsoft Windows.
MAC OSX computer needs to install Windows OS and uses IE to access eTrust.
Q3.  What circumstance setup for computer should be adjusted before using eTrust?
A3.  Ensure eTrust is running well; please follow the instruction in package to adjust circumstance setup.
(include Trusted Sites、Compatible View Settings)
Q4.  How to add eTrust in Trusted Sites?
A4.  1. Open IE, click Tools icon > Internet options
2. Select "Security" tab, click on "Trusted Sites", and press "Sites".
3. Input https://*.ctbcbank.com and https://*.chinatrust.com, add into Trusted Websites.
Q5.  How to enable ActiveX contrls in Trusted Sites??
A5.  1.  Open IE, click Tools icon > Internet options
2.  Select "Security" tab, click on "Trusted Sites", and press “Custom Level”
3.  Scroll down to the “ActiveX Controls and plug-ins” section. Select "Enable" under each of the options in the "ActiveX
     Controls and plug-ins" section. Click "OK" to save the changes, and then close the Internet Options console.
Q6.  How to add eTrust in compatible view settings?
        *When eTrust can’t pop up iKey dynamic keyboard, please check the compatible view settings first.
A6.  1. Open eTrust in IE, select "Tools" on the menu and select "Compatible View settings".
2. Press Add button to add "ctbcbank.com" and “chinatrust.com” to compatible view list.
    Press "Close" button to close the window.
Q7.  How to know Internet Explorer version in my computer?
A7.  Open IE, click “Help” on the menu bar and then click “About Internet Explorer”.
Q8.  How to install/download eTrust security component?
A8.  1. Login eTrust, click on Customer Service > CA/Token > CA Management.
2. If the computer did not install security component, system will pop up a message
    requesting to install ebanking security component. Press "OK" button and redirect to software download page.

3.  Click on "Download" and press "Run" to install component.

4.  Please wait for a few minutes for installation, press "Finish" to complete the setup

5.  Click on CA Management on left menu, and confirm that purple box pops up on the screen.
Q9.  How to turn off IE pop-up blocker?
A9.  IE Tools >Internet Options
Select Privacy tab and unselect “Turn on Pop-up Blocker”.